Freshly Popped

Strip feb 7

Bright cheerful dinosaurs, freaky kids, stolen genius and a collection of freaks await you at the cinema this weekend. Don’t miss out.

Dino Time

dino time poster

Rob Schneider, now there’s a name I haven’t heard in a while. He’s back on the big screen, (in voice form) in this prehistoric tale about a trio of curious kids who fling themselves 65 million years back in time, and land among dinosaurs. Can they make it back to their own time without being eaten?


mama poster

Oooh, here’s one for the horror junkies out there. Two little girls are found living alone in the woods after five years. They’re taken home to live with relatives, but it soon becomes clear there’s something not quite right. A psychiatrist tries to help to get to the bottom of things. Just how alone were the girls really?

The Words

the words poster

Bradley Cooper is back in the shoes of a man making an apparent massive success of his life, but with secrets bubbling just beneath the surface. Turns out the “great American novel” he’s being lauded for wasn’t his work. As the truth catches up with him he must face the consequences.

Movie 43

movie 43 poster

The critics have slammed this one, like really. It’s a collection of short film featuring some big Hollywood names,. From Hugh Jackman with testicles dangling from his neck to unhinged home-schooling parents and a woman who likes to be defecated on, this sounds like like a ludicrous waste of money. But let me know if you see it and it’s awesome…

Zombie Terri’s Pick

the words still

As a writer I’m really keen to see The Words. It promises a good look at taking credit for someone else’s creativity, and not only what it means to that person, but also what it means to you. That realisation that perhaps you’ll never be capable of the genius the world credits you for. Deep.

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