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Strip jan 24

Great week for new releases. Here’s what you’ll find opening at your local cinema this weekend. So scrape together the popcorn money and get watching!

Wreck-It Ralph

Wreck it Ralph poster

What happens when the villain in your favourite game gets tired of being labelled as the bad guys? Ralph had had enough of terrorising the residents of his game he goes on the run in the hopes of becoming a hero. As he jumps from game to game in the arcade he gets closer to realising his dream, but his friends are desperate to get him back.


lawless poster

Shia LaBeouf, Guy Pearce and Jessica Chastain take to the screen in this drama set in 1930s Virginia during the Depression. A bootlegging family finds themselves coming under the scrutiny of the authorities. But despite breaking the law themselves, they realise that said authorities are even more corrupt and it’s up to them to set things straight.


flight poster

Denzel Washington takes the helm as Whip Whitaker, the pilot of an aeroplane which crash lands spectacularly. But as the investigation into what happened unfolds some startling allegations are made and Whip finds himself falling fast from the heroic pedestal he was put on. Does saving lives make up for other mistakes? The emotional turmoil looks to be as intense as the plane crash itself.


argo poster

When a group of Americans are taken hostage by revolutionaries in Iran six of them manage to flee to the Canadian ambassador’s residence, but their lives are still in danger. The CIA must hatch a plan to rescue them. Ben Affleck directs and stars alongside Bryan Cranston, Alan Arkin and John Goodman (who is popping up all over the big screen these days it seems). The plan: stage a fake film shoot and sneak the Americans out of the country as part of the crew.

Zombie Terri’s Pick

wreck it ralph still

I’ve been waiting for Wreck-It Ralph for months! It seems like such a fun take on the world inside arcade games. The trailers so far have only made me more excited. I also love the concept of your standard bad guy having an intriguing back story. Kind of like re-imagining those fairy tales we all know backwards.

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