Freshly Popped

You know you’re cheap date when after a glass and a half of wine you keep typing “Freshly Pooped” instead of “Freshly Popped”. And when all’s said and done it’s really not THAT bad of a movie week. Here’s what you’ll find opening at your local cinema this weekend.

planes poster

If you enjoyed cars, then here’s the next installment for you. Little Dusty Crophopper has to face his fear of heights when he finds himself taking part in a race across the world. This one’s for the little ones, but let’s face it, if you’re a Disney fan you’ll be there.

evil dead poster

Evil Dead
So there’s this cabin, in the woods, right? And we all just know some bunch of chops are going to end up facing off against nasties somewhere along the line. The nasties in this case are a bunch of femons they summon using a Book of the Dead. Seriously, when are these kids going to learn?

jimmy in pienk poster

Jimmy in Pienk
Louw Venter is at it again. This time he’s desperate to save his family’s farm when his father dies. And the only way to do that is to agree to be involved in his uncle’s reality show which will see him learning all about the flambouyant side of life at a hair salon.

welcome to the punch poster

Welcome to the Punch
When his son lands in trouble after a heist doesn’t work out quite as planned, a former criminal comes out of hiding and heads back to London. But that brings him back to the attention of the detective desperate to nab him. Jame McAvoy features.

the east poster

The East
Almost everytime someone in the movies has to infiltrate some underground operation, you can pretty much place money on their own ideas being challenegd and changed over the next cuple of hours. So when a PI gets involved in a group of anarchists with strong environmental beliefs, it’s no surprise when she starts to get attached.

jimmy in pienk still

Zombie Terri’s Pick
This week top of my list is Jimmy in Pienk. I’m game for a little light-hearted local fun, and Louw Venter is really doing some interesting things on the big screen lately.

PS Doing an image search for Jimmy in Pienk yielded an unhealthy number of pics of pink Jimmy Choos. Some of them were admittedly rather pretty… But perhaps not quite fitting, especially since Louw is probably a size 12…

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