Freshly Popped

Is it a bird, is it a plane… who knows, but here’s what’s opening at your local cinema this weekend.


White House Down

Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx do a good job of tearing up the grand old building under the watchful eye of director Roland Emmerich. A cop and his daughter find themselves in the middle of an invasion while touring the White House.


Man of Steel

Henry Cavill dons the cape and Amy Adams wields the notebook in this origin tale. The action (and there’s  A LOT of action to be had) starts on Krypton and follows the special young lad to Earth where he eventually learns he has a greater purpose.


Song for Marion

Here’s one for the more mature viewer who would far rather fill their evening with some lighthearted musical banter than skop, skiet en donder. While his wife’s love of singing makes him even grumpier than normal, Arthur steps up to help the local choir in a competition.

man of steel still

Zombie Terri’s Pick

Ah why the hell not – this week I’m game to see the boy with his underpants on the outside, although it appears he’s finally learnt how to dress himself. I’ll admit, Superman isn’t my favourite super hero – I’m more partial to the tall dark and brooding man with the cave, but I’m always keen to see a new actor step into a role.

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