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Strip may 10

Brace yourself, there’s a whole heap of films opening this week. They won’t all be your cup of tea, but you’re bound to find one or two to keep you entertained and out of trouble.

FP admission poster

Tina Fey and Paul Rudd team up in this film about varsity admissions officer whose past appears to catch up with her in the form of a high school student who might just be the son she secretly gave up for adoption. Rudd plays the former college classmate and potential love interest.

FP dead man down poster

Dead Man Down
The worlds of two strangers collide from across the gap between their apartment buildings. Victor is seeking revenge for the destruction of his happiness, and Beatrice is fighting her own deamons. Together they find a way to help each other avenge the past. Colin Farrell and Noomi Rapace feature.

FP Jurassic park 3D poster

Jurassic Park 3D
Ah, who doesn’t like a pack of dinosaurs tearing through a collection of terrified humans? The original prehistoric adventure is back, but this time in 3D. Are you brave enough to face those raptors in the kitchen again?

FP stoker poster

When her dad tragically perishes, India finds herself having to cope with her unstable mother, as well as an uncle she never knew existed. It’s obvious that he has something up his sleeve, but she’s fascinated by him. This is not your average family. Mia Wasikowska is joined by Nicole Kidman and Matthew Goode.

FP blitz patrollie poster

Blitz Patrollie
Some of our home-grown comedians take to the big screen for this local buddy cop film. A couple of police men in Joburg stumble upon a massive drug haul and see a chance to make a name for themselves. This one stars Joey Rasdien, Kagiso Lediga, Mel Miller, David Kibuuka, David Kau and Chris Forrest.

FP safe haven poster

Safe Haven
If you’re the sort who goes weak at the knees for a bit of drama and romance, then this one is for you. A beautiful young woman arrives in a small town carrying a secret past. Reluctant to get too close to anyone she never-the-less finds herself becoming entangled with a kind-hearted widower and his children.

FP trishna poster

Thomas Hardy’s novel Tess of the D’Urbervilles is given a makeover. Set in India, this is the tale of young couple who fall in love and find themselves torn between what their families expect of them and their own ambitions.

FP stoker still

Zombie Terri’s Pick
Nicole Kidman just picks the weirdest roles, and while once upon a time I just didn’t get it, now I can’t wait to see which character she’ll bring to life next. So this week, my choice is Stoker. It looks like it’s got just the right amount of mystery and quirkiness to keep me happy for a while.

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