Fox: Nintendo 3DS important for the “fight back” in the handheld sector

The handheld sector has not recorded climbing figures in awhile now. Nintendo and Sony both enjoyed good launch sales on their respective handhelds.

The market has been stagnant, but this could and should all change early next year when Nintendo launch their 3Ds handheld which has been causing quite a stir amongst gamers.

CEO, Simon Fox says HMV are “very excited” about the launch of the handheld next year and explained the importance of a “fight back” in the handheld sector.

Fox believes the 3DS is the first “really new” handheld that we’ve seen for a long time, and is vitally important that there’s a fight back on the handhelds because the market is going to the iPhone and digital.

Like many others Fox thinks there will be huge consumer following, as do most, but many have criticized the pricing.