Forza Horizon | ‘Rally’ DLC Review

Forza Horizon Rally_HeaderReviewed by Jacques ‘StuntZA’.

Developer: Playground Games
Publisher: Turn 10 / Microsoft Game Studios
Platform: Xbox Live Arcade (DLC to full game)
Price: 1600MSP
If we had to give it a numerical score: 8.0 out of 10

What I liked:

  • New game mode
  • New content
  • Great experience

Not so much:

  • Pricey without a Season Pass
  • Pretty short

The Forza series has held little light to innovative DLC in the past – A car pack here, track pack there and stories of free unicorn’s which I have yet to see and am jealous to not have been gifted after years and years of loyalty, you hear that Turn 10?!  I want my Unicorn [Not a magical creature with a mystical horn of righteousness, but a car in this case  – Undead Ed].  Shattered dreams aside, fact remains that the past rendition’s DLC left little to be desired unless you were a virtual collector of sorts or a completionist GSW.

It will, however, be wise to remember that not only is Forza Horizon a less carrot-in-butt experience, but there is a new team involved – Playground games and that has proved quite a reward in the game itself.  Less driving like Sir’s and more crashing, rolling and open-worlding has proved a significant recipe for success.  Does that signify a similar result in DLC releases for this new title? Does Barbie have a plastic fanny? [What on earth is it with the unicorns and Barbie dolls…? – Undead Ed]

All in the same, yes, it does.  With a spur of unrelenting addiction as well! Playground Games have not only given us a fun Forza with a vast Colorado themed sandbox of joyous free roaming and a multiplayer built on a simpler form of competition, but they’ve actually given us noteworthy DLC!

Forza Horizon_01

The Rally Expansion takes Forza DLC to levels beyond that of car packs and track nonsenses and instead attaches a whole other challenge to the afore mentioned giving us good enough reason to want to use them!  Befitting to the theme and pace the Rally Expansion adds a whole new Championship, away from the open-world and into a pantheon of navigated, headlight-overkilling, dirt madness.  Steering you directly into a ruthless tournament of medium to “Dark Souls Hard” tracks, it becomes increasingly apparent how much of a challenge this DLC actually holds.  Even with only 50 contestants instead of 250 as with the main game, 5 new cars built for the rally and the more than useful rally upgrades it holds firm ground as a worthy experience of skill and persistence.

Sadly, it doesn’t take long to see all the Rally Expansion has to offer, even with the 2 new multiplayer modes added to the lobbies list, it carries too high a price for most and easily leaves you forgotten among your Forza comrades who keep wondering why your “Blue Headlight BMW DLC car phantom” takes to dirt like a Clinton to White house staff.

In conclusion, as rewarding an experience as this expansion is, the price it holds for a once off purchase is high unless you hold a Season Pass.  This does not sadden me though, because if anything, the Rally Expansion is a promise of a more rewarding and fun experience from the Forza series and if the pace is kept, I guarantee a definite climb in Season Pass sales for Forza Horizon.

Forza Horizon_02