Forza Horizon 3 | Game Review

This review is an unedited version of the review written by Zombie Dredd and published in the Tech Magazine: Issue 41 January 2017.

Forza Horizon 3 takes the open-world racing franchise, drops it in Australia and says “have fun”. And if you don’t have fun with this game, go and check your pulse. It is big, bold and brimming with so much content that you will run out of time before you run out of available roads.

It is a big game with plenty of cars to explore the various regions in. Thankfully, it all looks rather gorgeous too and the wide selection of music means you will find the perfect soundtrack for your favourite drive.

This is not a serious game and the series’ trademark Showcase races see you racing helicopters, boats and more. As the director of the Horizon Festival for this outing, winning these races and excelling in other activities is crucial to expanding the festival. Expansion means more to explore, more to drive and more customisation opportunities.

Destruction, drifting and driving like a daredevil are all encouraged with some game modes rewarding this recklessness. It should be pretty obvious that the game is certainly not a racing simulation. However, vehicles handle differently enough from each other to have you picking your favourites.

Offline and online modes featuring free roam, co-op and the leaderboards are available. With online friends, expect to feel a little too pleased with yourself when you overtake a friend’s time or score. And expect yourself to keep trying until you do – that’s the addictive nature of the game.

Forza has always been a franchise that offers racing fans a truly quality experience. The purist’s choice may always be the Motorsport series, but Horizon brings the arcade experience. Thankfully with Forza Horizon 3, all the quality is there and if you’re a fan of a game with four wheels, there is no excuse not to jump in and give the game a spin.

Score: 9/10
Available for: Xbox One and PC
Distributed by: Microsoft and available at all retailers of games

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