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So, the Forza 4 demo is out.  Some may have shrugged indifferently to the news.  You may reckon they’re a fan and will simply buy it on release – no need for a demo to tell you it will be great.  Others may be a little more hesitant.  You may have loved Forza 3 but are wondering if the game is simply a re-skinned update.   You may have been a little concerned by the sheer mention of Kinect capabilities for the game – yes, there were some.

So we thought we’d ask (an old guy) who had all the concerns mentioned above to try out the demo and let us know what he thought.  And he appears to have actually liked it.

By Dion ‘Bokka1′ Kets:

I decided to download the demo of Forza 4 as I am a bit scared that this time around it will just be Forza 3 with Kinect capabilities.

The demo has two modes with the first being a normal race around an Alpine track with the choice of either a US Muscle Car, Subaru or Ferrari. Each car is in a different class and thus you have enough variety to test each type of car around the track. You have the same options as with Forza 3 to customise the game settings and difficulty. I chose to drive against normal difficulty drivers and the feeling I got was that the AI drivers are a bit more challenging that the case were in Forza 3.

The second mode in the demo is the Rivals mode where you get to race against other players’ ghost cars. It will automatically choose a friend’s laptime and ghost car, if available, otherwise it will pit you against a random player on the leaderboards. This mode has 3 different tracks to choose from and each use a different car. The first track is a straight shootout against your rival and the last two tracks are populated with AI drivers that are a bit slower which brings the extra dimension of overtaking them and still trying to beat your rival’s time. This is also the mode that I think will get the bigger following as you are playing multiplayer against friends even when they are not online. I enjoyed it immensely.

The graphics do look better than Forza 3 although it is not a huge leap forward as I think that we will have to wait for the next gen console to see a big difference. The car handling does feel a bit different than Forza 3 as the cars feel a bit more loose on the track. I play with the MS steering wheel and one really has to fight the wheel to keep the cars on the track and on the racing line.

My verdict: Is the game a big improvement over Forza 3? No, not from what I’ve seen with the demo. Will I get it? Yes.

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