Forza 3: A noobs view…

By Chris ‘spiros za’ Hartley


I’m not a racer, never been one and thought I’d never be one…

It happened like this.  I needed a new HDD, my 20 gig is getting full very quickly. I shopped around for prices and made the decision that I’ll be buying myself a 250gig Elite, not knowing I’ll be getting FM3 in the bundle, sweet, sell it on for 400 bucks and get the console even cheaper!

I got home, set up my new XBOX and fiddled with the settings while the Forza cover was staring me in the face begging to be put into the disc tray to show off what it can do. I gave in and popped it into the tray, just to have a look at all the hype over the last 2 months…

Well, the next few minutes was something I, a non race boy, anti car, can’t drive straight to save my life, gets bored very quickly with racing did not expect. I was enjoying it!!! How could this be?! I was trying to find something to flaw, stop and continue with Borderlands, but I just couldn’t. It was just so easy to play and just, oh so pretty! The first intro race captured me in complete awe. I was driving with the 2010 Audi R8 (default car for that race) and killing my opponents, something I’m not used to and could never do. The scenery was just so pure and complete, the detail on the cars was immaculate. I was following the race line trying to be a good racer and noticed that when I brake for a corner that I nearly come to a stop, something not right here, A FLAW, YES!!! No, it was auto braking to make the game easier for noobs such as myself. This little feature really helped me, I’m still using it, yes, I’m a noob, but it just helps so much to keep you on the road and admire your vehicle without any damage.


I soon progressed on to the lower range hatch races and completed my first Sunday cup race with ease and moved on to the higher PI cars (see I’m even talking in race lingo!) I chopped of a bit there and went to the upgrade section to give my car some oomph. Wow, even this is impressive, auto tuning, thank you Turn 10! Never before has it been so easy to upgrade your car in a game, ever, period. It even lets you choose to keep it in a certain class! You can even purchase other peoples tune ups on the storefront! I was soon (sooner than expected) racing again and in the front of the pack and winning again, just as I like it.

I found myself immersed in this game very quickly and wanted to find out all of its features and thingies and stuff that it can do. I was soon playing Da Vinci and designing my own vinyls and decals for an upcoming friendly clan race. Even this was easy to do and follow, I managed to design an OAP over a racing chequered flag in minutes and it looked good, to me at least. THIS AREA WAS THE ONLY FLAW I COULD FIND, THERE IS NO FULLSTOP IN THE LETTERS SECTION, but by now this did not matter to me, I was enjoying it too much and to diss the game for that would be as corrupt as the South African government.


Upgraded car, some nice decals and a heavenly paint job, I’m ready for some multi player, bring it baby!

The lobby system was easy to understand and lag was minimal, we have a clannie all the way in Japan playing with us and had no problems, very impressive considering the ping was probably nearing 300ms. It was, admittedly, good fun. I did the first race with some assists turned off, abs, tcs, auto brake and the race line (some more race lingo for you there!) and got it handed to me in a bad way. I turned on some assists and I was A for away again. 3 hours seemed to slip away with all the laughter and enjoyment during the game and it was time to turn off, but not before I got some of those easy achievements ( yes, I’m a GSW and need help…)

I played Forza 2 for about a week when it came out and only managed 75GS. I played 5 hours of Forza 3 and got 205GS! LOVELY! While trying to get some GS before I go to bed I found even more features! Upload photos, movies, save your tuning setups, buy designs, decals, vinyls, auction off your old cars, buy new cars on auction (even though some of those people out there are making silly offers) and buy other peoples hard work in fine tuned setups! Everything you save goes to Forza’s website! The videos and photos I mean…

From a non racer point of view this really is a game to get you into racing games. It’s just so complete in every aspect, car selection, tracks, designs, gameplay, MP, online activities, ease of use in the menus, upgrading, saving, graphics, sound (oohh the sound in cockpit view in a Bugatti Veyron just melts your ear drums), the attention to detail in the cockpit, even the clocks in the car work in real time! I’m glad the game was begging me to put it in the disc tray just for a quick look, I’ll be taking a lot more quick looks in the near future…


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