Formula 1 2010 | Made in India…

… well not entirely, but Dhruva Interactive, a leading provider of game development services from India, did create and deliver race tracks in the newly released F1 2010 including the above ‘Singapore night race.’

Developed and published by Codemasters, F1 2010 is Codemasters biggest release to date, with a 2 million unit worldwide launch. F1 2010 includes all of the official teams, drivers and circuits featuring from this season’s thrilling competition. Hailed as the most impressive and realistic of the series, taking into account the deep detail the developers have put in into the tracks, weather and cars. The game has been critically acclaimed and has garnered top ratings in its reviews.

Rajesh Rao, Founder and CEO of Dhruva Interactive, said:  “We are extremely happy to have contributed to this game, F1 2010 is clearly one of the biggest racing game releases of 2010. We are really happy that Codemasters continues to trust us as a reliable and high quality service provider; we’ve contributed to several of their hit titles over the last nine years.  This long standing relationship is a testimony to the high standards of service that Dhruva strives to maintain.”

Speaking about the game itself, he added “The game necessitated that all aspects including the tracks were as realistic as possible and required a great adherence to detail… and that was exactly what we delivered!”

Alex McLean, Studio Head of Codemasters Birmingham Studio said: “Dhruva have delivered high quality content to specification, and have consistently done so on time.”

Mukund Rao, Dhruva’s Studio Manager said: “We created four complete tracks for the game; Singapore, Monaco, Valencia and Abu Dhabi.  The race environments were challenging as they needed a large amount of visual data to be present in the viewport, we had to employ a fairly complex setup to manage this.”

For more from Dhruva please visit their official site.

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