Former Microsoft Boss Recalls How Playstation 3 Launch Paved the Way for Xbox 360

It was no speculation that Sony dominated the console market which began with the Playstation 1 and was  further cemented with the Playstation 2. No console manufacturer could boast figures that were comparable with the Playstation consoles.

Former Microsoft Entertainment president, Robbie Bach believes Sony’s mismanagement of the transition to the Playstation 3 aided the Xbox 360 in gaining a great market share. CVG report that Bach believes it was Microsoft’s capitalizing on Sony’s “mistakes” that eventually led to the Xbox 360 becoming the front-runner it is today.

“Some of the success of Xbox was due to the fact that Sony did some really not so smart things,” explained Bach.

“They mismanaged their 70 percent market share. It’s a long conversation. The transition to PlayStation 3 was really, really bad… They mismanaged their partners, they mismanaged their cost structure. They made their next platform so complicated that developers couldn’t develop for it.”

Bach recalled how Microsoft were able to convince retailers and major publishers “that it was a good thing for Microsoft to be successful, because if we were not successful, the only game in town was Sony”

“Being dependent on somebody else was bad for them, and so they supported us disproportionately to what they should have, mathematically.”