Forbes: “Nintendo Have Missed The Boat On Connected Gaming with the 3DS XL”

Nintendo has revealed the Nintendo 3DS XL, a revision of the 3DS handheld that boasts 90% extra viewing area, a longer battery life and a larger memory card; all of which will are welcome editions.

While most publications are reporting positively on the updated Nintendo handheld, an article on Forbes points out some noteworthy exclusions with the handheld.

The author notes that Nintendo excluded a second analogue control stick, something that was lacking with Sony PSP and rectified with the PS Vita. This would suggest that the 3DS XL will no be able to double up as a Wii U controller.

Unlike the Playstation Vita, the 3DS XL will also not cater for cross-platform game sharing – users will not be able to buy a game for the Wii U and download it to the handheld as is the case with Sony’s handheld and console. Microsoft is also working on a huge integration across their platforms.

The Forbes author concludes that while Sony and Microsoft are heading toward “connected gaming”, it seems Nintendo has gone in the opposite direction.

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