First PS4 pre-order prices listed by major retailer


GIBiz picked up that ShopTo and GAME have listed pre-order pages for PlayStation 4 on the back of Sony’s official reveal of the console.

PS4 DualShock__06

ShopTo and GAME have opened reservations for the new console, which is due in December 2013. GAME has offered no price, just an option to put down a small deposit.

ShopTo has however listed a price up of £399.85 [around R 5 400.00]. The price is apparently an 11 per cent discounted price from a full price of £449.99 [around R 6 700.00].

No model options are offered by either site, nor has the specific street date been mentioned.

It should also be noted that this is not official as Sony has not made mention of any pricing. This could be an estimate, speculation or place holding.

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