Final Fantasy I and II Available For iPhone Today


I am really feeling old and out of sync today doing these stories. While I am still getting the hang of “tweeting,” I was told I will be able to do it from in a game. Now I can play the world’s most famous RPG on my phone. And all this news comes from social networking and not our zombie informer. [editor – there is no such person]

Ryoma Matsui from SquareEnix has announced via Facebook that Final Fantasy I and II is available from today for application on your iPhone/iPod.

From Matsui’s facebook page:
Release Date: 2/25/2010
Price??? : US$8.99 / Euro €6.99

We would like you to enjoy and find the magnificence of FINAL FANTASY and
FINAL FANTASY II with iPhone/iPod touch platform available in more than
70 countries worldwide.

If you have not played FINAL FANTASY and II yet, it is time for you to start!!

Please, experience the world’s most renowned RPG series “FINAL FANTASY”
reborn with touch screen control!!

Ryoma Matsui

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