Fight Night Devs Developing EA Sports UFC Title

It came as a bit of a surprise when EA Sports announced in June that the sporting-game giant had acquired the official license for the ever-popular UFC franchise, and would be developing a new MMA game with all the official UFC licences who were previously held by THQ.

EA Sports has now confirmed that the award-winning Fight Night development team will be tasked with developing the next UFC title. The team will be lead by Team and Action Sports General Manager Dean Richards who worked on Fight Night, NHL and SSX; and will be joined by Creative Director Brian Hayes.

Hayes previously led the gameplay design on Fight Night Round 4 and Fight Night Champion.

“When we found out that EA and the UFC would be working together, the team was excited. Most of the team didn’t even know about it until the announcement at E3,” says Hayes.

“We were all watching it together and when Andrew Wilson and Dana White took the stage, everybody starting cheering. It was great.”

“For me personally, the UFC is something that I grew up with. I remember watching the first UFC events when I was a teenager and it’s amazing to see how they have evolved and flourished.

“Ultimately, we’re huge fans, we think we have a great team and we are really excited to be taking on this new challenge. We look forward to bringing the UFC video game experience to new heights,” he added.

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