FIFA 15 Tournament | 19 September 2015

FIFA 16_07

How about we say goodbye to FIFA 15 with one last tournament? And how about we do so by giving you an opportunity to win access to one of MWEB GameZone’s epic launch events – this time for FIFA 16? And how about we mention that at said event, there will be two PlayStation 4s up for grabs? And then to top it all we also let you know that while we’re hosting an event for the ‘Golden Ticket’, our friends (yes, we can call them that) at Braccianos e-Sports Lounge and Games On Gaming Lounge will be doing exactly the same thing?

Sounds pretty great doesn’t it?

So join us at Trenchtown on 19 September 2015 and say farewell to FIFA 15 while preparing for FIFA 16. If you are based in the northern suburbs, you can head to Braccianos where they will also be hosting a qualifying tournament, and if you find Rondebosch an easier location for you, then Games On is the place to be. All venues will be offering the golden ticket to the FIFA 16 launch, and the R250 voucher, but each venue will also be offering their own additional prizes, so check with each to find out more.

The winning players from each venue will then face each other at the FIFA 16 launch at the MWEB offices in Parow on Friday 25 September (kicking off at 6pm), where there will be more up for grabs for the winner, plus the usual selection of random prizes that include the aforementioned PlayStation 4s.

The Details

  • Date: Saturday 19 September 2015
  • Time:
    • Registration: 12:30pm to 1:15pm
    • Matches: 1:30pm until completion
  • Where: Trenchtown, 92 Station Road, Observatory, Cape Town
  • What: FIFA 15 (1v1)
  • Platform: Xbox One and Xbox 360
  • Cost: R30 registration fee per player
  • Prizes: Entry to the FIFA 16 launch event at MWEB, R250 Takealot voucher and cash.

Pre-registrations will not be necessary, but numbers may be limited at each venue, so make sure you get there on time to secure a spot.


Due to requests we will be accepting pre-registrations for our Trenchtown event. Please note that pre-registering will secure you a spot but if you are not at the venue by 1:00pm your spot will be handed to walk-ins on a first come, first served basis. We will also set an entry limit of 48 players. Please remember that there are two other venues operating qualifiers on the day too. Each will us their own policy of dealing with entries, so check with them.


We have closed pre-registration. The 48 successfully pre-registered players will have their spot guaranteed until 1:00pm. At that point, players on the waiting list, followed by walk-ins will have the opportunity to take any remaining spots.

Please note: We may take up to 24 hours to confirm your spot. If we have not replied by then, please feel free to email us on

If you don’t want to compete in FIFA 15 for a ticket to the FIFA 16 launch event, you can still try your chances with the random draw option which is over here.


Please note that there are a few terms and conditions tied to the tournaments and the FIFA 16 launch event too:

While you can play the tournaments just for the sake of playing, please note that if you win and cannot attend the event at MWEB on 25 September, your golden ticket (and all the benefits attached to it) will be passed along to the highest placed finisher that is able to attend. This same requirement will be will be used for the players under 18. While the tournaments at the three venues will be open to everyone, the event at MWEB will be for over 18s only, so should you win the qualifier, you will get all the prizes except the golden ticket, which will be passed on to the next highest placed qualifying player.

Terms and conditions
  • You need to be in Cape Town on Friday 25 of September 2015 to participate in the grand final.
  • You need to be over 18 to attend the FIFA 16 launch party, but you may be under 18 to play in the qualifying tournaments.
  • The golden tickets handed out to the FIFA 16 launch at the qualifying tournaments are only transferable if the winner of the qualifiers cannot meet the requirements above and approved as such by the tournament admins. All other golden tickets issued via other means are NOT transferable.
  • Access to the FIFA 16 launch event is by golden ticket or invite only. If you are not on the list, you will not get in it.

You can find out more about the tournament dubbed the ‘King of Footie’ right here.

Zombiegamer operates a ‘fair play’ policy. No cheating, abusive language (or abusive actions to anyone at all) and activity deemed unacceptable to an enjoyable, but competitive tournament, will be tolerated. The Admin or Referees decision is final. Anyone who acts in a way not deemed in good spirit or clearly breaking policies will be immediately disqualified from the tournament. The player identification holders and lanyards are the property of Zombiegamer and are to be returned at the end of player participation in the event. Additional terms and conditions will be made available on By signing this you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

Please note that we will no longer delay the start of events indefinitely. Should you not arrive on time and have not pre-registered, you can not participate. Should you pre-register and arrive late for your scheduled match (attempts to accommodate will be made) your opponent will be issued with a default win. Should that be in the loser’s bracket, you will be eliminated.

Registration fees are non-refundable if you do not attend on the day. Players only qualify for a refund of their registration fee if we are notified of non-attendance at least 48 hours prior to the day of the event.


  • Please note that bringing food and drink purchased off-site is forbidden unless cleared with venue management.
  • Rules, Gamertags and other items relevant to the match setup not to be changed.
  • Controller settings can be changed.
  • Custom classes can be changed.
  • Own headsets and controllers may be used.
  • Setup times for controllers, headsets, etc. will be restricted to five minutes only.
  • No cheating, abusive language (or abusive actions to anyone at all) and activity deemed unacceptable to an enjoyable, but competitive tournament, will be tolerated.
  • The Admin or Referees decision is final.
  • Anyone who acts in a way not deemed in good spirit or clearly breaking policies will be immediately disqualified from the tournament.
  • The player identification holders and lanyards are the property of Zombiegamer and are to be returned at the end of player participation in the event.


To be confirmed, but at least double elimination in qualifying rounds.


  • Game Speed: Normal
  • Difficulty Setting: World Class
  • Match length: 5 minute halves. This may be changed depending on number of players
  • Defending: Tactical only
  • Passing Power Assistance: Off
  • Custom formations: Not allowed
  • Custom Tactics: Allowed
  • Weather: Randomized (unless you and your opponent agree to change)


a)      All teams allowed except for Classic XI and World XI

b)      Same team allowed on both sides

c)       If opponent chooses to play international it is up to you to play a club or international side

d)      In a specific round (and when applicable) you have to play both legs with the team that you picked for the 1stleg

Where applicable, should scores be tied after two legs, classic extra-time will be played, followed by penalties.

No controlling of the keeper by means of the ‘Select’ button.

No passing at the back. If you suspect your opponent of breaking this rule, pause the game and alert one of the admins. Should you wait until after the game, the result will stay as is, as there is nothing for the admins to rule on.

No cursing, shouting, bumping or distracting your opponent.

Pause the game only if you have the ball and have given your opponent a heads up if you are going to pause. Both players must agree they are ready to resume the match.

The ball must be passed back once before you can cross in to the opponents half, you cannot run in to his half straight from kick off.

If you set up your controller, please save it on temporary assigned slot.

It is up to you as player to check your controls before the game starts, the admins and organisers will not be held liable for controllers that are not set up.

Should a console freeze alert one of the admins. If it is still in the 1st half the game will be replayed full but the game continues from the score upon which the screen froze. If it froze in the 2nd half the game is restarted and only one half of the game is played and the score is as it was upon freezing of the console.


  1. Ismail Sasman
  2. Shuaib Collison 
  3. Joshua Nelson
  4. Ameer Freeman
  5. Warren Whittingham
  6. Winston Ward
  7. Keenan Martin
  8. Michael Dedricks
  9. Brandon Bowers
  10. Carl Smith
  11. Serge McCarthy
  12. Seraj Arnold
  13. Willem Opperman
  14. Victor Africa
  15. Ilyaas mohamed
  16. Shameeg Johnson
  17. Chadley Ward
  18. Glen Forbes
  19. Liam Ram
  20. James Bong
  21. Nicolas Mel
  22. Waseem Moerat
  23. Attie Tambay
  24. Jason Newman
  25. Jaquin Appolis
  26. Chris Smith-Hill
  27. Peter Herklaas
  28. Eugon Hudsonberg
  29. Byron van der Westhuizen
  30. Bradley Fisher
  31. Mikaeel Dollie
  32. Ebrahim Samsodien
  33. Aphiwe AP Pambaniso
  34. Emilio Hartogh
  35. Arjun Narsai
  36. Zubair Salie
  37. Ziyaad Ramjan
  38. Taariq Latief
  39. Yusuf Adams
  40. Du-ane Little
  41. Francis Roland
  42. Ansaar Omar
  43. David Kinda
  44. Joshua Friedman
  45. Davrin Ho
  46. Davero Blaauw
  47. Andrew Hall
  48. Wilbur Arendse


  1. Sameer Moodley
  2. Chad Bennett
  3. Raasiq Jacobs
  4. Nashief Manuel
  5. Mnikelo Mkam
  6. Azisiwe Mkam
  7. Phuthang Makhupane
  8. Brendan Warner
  9. Simphiwe Mei
  10. Paolo Monteiro

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