The first details and screenshots appear thanks to Dark Side of Gaming [as cited  by CVG] which explains that with FIFA 13 EA Sports will be attempting to up the realism with the ball control. Fifa 13 will do so by factoring in the strength, speed and technical skill of players as well as minutia such ball height.

EA Sports’ David Rutter also assures fans that the developing team are confident that the Impact Engine will not depict any unrealistic animations and collisions this year. The engine has reportedly received some optimisation and plenty of new impact values for the the hip and the upper body animations.

The ‘realism’ aspect will also be pushed with the dribbling, free-kicks, feints, defensive set-pieces and the defensive AI are all areas which are said to have been improved for Fifa 13.

Dribbling will require more than just changing direction; when facing a free-kick, players will now be able to gather three players around the ball and last minute adjustments to shots have also been added.

The first screenshots certainly show that EA’s new Dimensional Imaging software does make players look even more realistic.