Feature | Knack “harkens back to the days of Crash Bandicoot and Spyro” says Sony

Playstation 4 launch title, Knack, promises “to deliver a different kind of experience for PlayStation fans at launch, outside of the realm of gritty shooters and mature action games,” says Sony.

Sony say Knack draws back from the days of Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon, delivering fun and challenging gameplay from simple controls. As a matter of fact, Knack is being created by the person that Crash and Spyro to life, Mark Ceny. Japan Studio, who last brought us Puppetter are developing the all new action-platformer.

The story of course revolves around Knack, mankind’s secret weapon against the goblin threat. After the goblins invade the human settlement, Knack sets out to find the goblin hideout and discover how the primitive goblins got their hands on advanced tanks and airships.

While you always play as Knack, there are a lot of other characters who factor into the story:

Doctor – Knack’s creator is a genius but can be moody and impetuous at times. He also raised Lucas since the boy’s parents died, so he’s pulling double duty as a father figure.Although he is not always good at it….

Ryder – Lucas’ uncle is a brave adventurer and explorer who is invaluable to the mission to defeat the goblins.

Lucas – Very level headed for such a young age, and Knack’s best friend.

Viktor – A billionaire industrialist who makes his fortune mining the ancient relics that provide power for electricity, machinery, vehicles and more. He brings his powerful robots on the expedition to discover more about the goblin threat.

Katrina – Viktor’s head of security, she’s tough and composed no matter what occurs.

The game revolves around relics, and Knack is actually made from them. Gameplay revolves around absorbing relics to aid Knack in growing. Lucas also has the ability to absorb ice, just like relics, to make himself bigger and stronger.

Here’s the Gamescom trailer…