Fast Five Friday: Villains


A game is nothing without a good antagonist. They run around in the back ground and try and make your life a living hell. Some of them are mere irritations. Some are just downright a-holes. Here is some of the ones I loathe and make me want to smash controllers. .

5. Bowser


From Super Mario Bros. This dude was all about mind games and being a super pain. Sure he was pretty easy to defeat in earlier castles but later he starts throwing axes and flaming spitballs. Then afterwards he still doesn’t give you the right princess.

4. Bambi Buck Hughes


I know you can’t mention baddies from Far Cry 3 without mentioning Vaas since everyone seems to be crazy about him. Yes, Vaas was insane, or at least liked to act that way. But Buck was by far the most insane dude on that island. After I finished his missions I felt like I needed a shower, and some new skin.

3. Shoa Kahn

Shao Kahn

Shoa Kahn brings a rage upon me that can only be described in R18 words. Not only does he take less damage in fights but he also cheeses you to death over and over again. I thought Gordo was bad until I fought this guy. Whoever designed his AI needs a toasty uppercut.

2. Frank Fontaine


Would you kindly not read further if you don’t get this Bioshock reference? Frank Fontaine is one of those bad guys that you think is on your side for most of the game but turns out he has been using you all this time. Here I thought I was just being a nice guy but no, manipulated by some dude that is too lazy to do things himself.

1. Every time in any racing game that is better than mine ever, even my own.

Car Crash

I am not very competitive but when it comes to racing games I can get a little overboard. I will literally sit for hours on end restarting the same track over and over because I grazed a wall or took a corner wrong. Hey, at least I am not in denial right? I might need help…