Fast Five Friday: THQ Games

Or is it more accurate to say ex THQ games? Personally I am a bit saddened by THQ bankruptcy this week but they seem to be handling it with great care making sure their games are getting some good new homes. So below is my personal top five favorite THQ games (Or IP’s, but I hate that acronym).

5. Titan Quest


Yes, it was basically a Diablo rip off but not everyone enjoys killing demons. This game put you up against creatures from the Greek Mythos and made you feel like a gladiator worth your salt as you ran through the country side killing all sorts of beasts. It was the closest I ever got to feeling like a true Spartan.

4. Saints Row Series

Saints Row The Third

The Saints Row games are by far not the best games in the world. The game play is lacking and the story line seems like it was written by a teenage boy who watched too much Die Hard. What the Saints Row games are though is fun. Lots and lots of fun. You can go around and wreck havoc on anyone and anything your heart desires. With some insane weapons at your disposal like a Dildo baseball bat or human canon. It was a game that took the GTA formula and put a clown nose on it, and it was great.

3. The Punisher


Arkham Asylum took comic book games to a new level. However before that there was this little gem. It put you in the shoes of Frank Castle and set you lose on the underbelly of society. Staying true to the character you had a wide variety of methods of bringing down the hammer of Justice. Add the fact that Thomas Jane voiced the main character as well; you’re left with one of the best comic book based games of all time.

2. UFC Undisputed Series


Technically this franchise hasn’t been with THQ since the UFC moved to EA games a while back. But the UFC undisputed games is still one of my favorite sports games of all time. Taking on the task of translating a technical sport like MMA to a game format could not have been easy. But THQ came out swinging and delivered.

1. Darksiders’ series

darksiders_2 (1)

Was there ever any doubt? By far the best THQ game series ever and it still hasn’t been picked up by another publisher? What is this world coming too? Darksiders put you in the role as a Horseman of the Apocalypse trying to find out the truth about why the apocalypse happened early. Big swords, big enemies and a great story. Tell me again why no one has purchased this franchise!