Fast Five Friday: Games in the real world

Gaming is a great way of escapism and fantasy. We all know what is real and what isn’t even though politicians seem to think otherwise. But there are still few things that work in games that I wish worked in real life. Below are five of them.

5. Jumping off mountains and surviving.

far_cry_3 1

About 60% into Far Cry 3 you get a flying suit which lets you fall with style like a squirrel. So if you made your way up a high mountain and jumped off you could swoop through the sky and imagine you are a superhero. For some reason you can just land without using a parachute as well. Why can’t real life be like that?

4. Pain pills that work


In Max Payne whenever you get shot, Max will just pop some pain pills and all would be good. I can’t even get rid of a hangover headache with a few panados. Also, those magic pills Max pops heals all his wounds. Just imagine taking a pill and no more broken bones and bullet wounds. Not that I get shot at a lot…

3. HUD for life.


Almost every game ever has a Heads up Display showing your current health, ammo, direction you need to go and so on. With this we will never get lost in a mall ever again! While we are at it throw in game stats. I have always wondered what distance I have covered by foot.

2. Body customization


I am not saying we aren’t all happy with our bodies but I am sure we would all like to tweak a few things. In Saints Row you can customize your character from their height, sex, weight to what they wear on their left wrist. Now that can come in handy before a night out on the town. Also, all the purple hats you could want!

1. Damage free cars


I know I know, in games we strive for realism and if you put out a racing game with cars that don’t show a bit of damage after it gets knocked then the internet will shun you. But who doesn’t want a car that won’t get a scratch after a day of shopping at the mall? Panel beaters are damn expensive!