FarmVille is WOW’s biggest threat

Love it or hate, the social game giant that is FarmVille has been a runaway success for PopCap. The PopCap Games Chief Creative Officer, Jason Kapalka believes that big publishers have yet to understand how to cash in on the social gaming market.

Kapalka revealed to that games like FarmVille are more of a threat to World of Warcraft than any other upcoming MMO’s. Kapalka believes that, “Whether it’s a game like FarmVille or Bejewelled Blitz, or a lot of mobile games that have the same idea of ‘I have it wherever I go, I can play short games on it.’ The game adapting to your schedule, rather than you trying to conform to the game’s demands,” and that those are the kinds of games that are, “probably going to be the big scary ones as far as the current guys like Blizzard, Activision, and EA are concerned. They’re going to be fighting them on unequal terms, like asymmetric warfare. ”

Kapalka is also confident that subscription-based MMO’s are on the decline whereas social games are the future with FarmVille leading the way.

FarmVille on Facebook is reported to have 62 million monthly active users, so these theories are not unjust by Kapalka, however could it ever really take on World of Warcraft? This is bold statement indeed.

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