A new trailer from Ubisoft which details Far Cry 3’s co-op which acts as a prequel to the main game.  Events in the co-op campaign are set six months before the single-player mode.

Playing as one of the four unique characters, you will be able to explore otherwise-unseen areas of Far Cry 3’s tropic island.  The video also details some of the load-out on offer, along with five classes – Warrior, Rusher, Deadeye, Saboteur and Bodyguard.

Ubisoft’s story synopsis:

When a twisted ship captain sells his black market cruise liner and everyone on it to a warlord named Hoyt, only four crew members have the courage to fight back. They band together to fight off the pirates and recover the safe that holds the ship’s profits and the crew’s earnings.

But the captain has different plans in mind. He escapes, taking the money from the safe with him, and takes refuge on Hoyt’s island. Now, the four survivors must claw their way through the jungle to reclaim what they have lost and exact revenge against the man who wronged them.

The game hits UK and South African shelves on 30 November 30 and US shelves on 3 December.