New weapons in Fallout: New Vegas

What new weapons can we expect new in Fallout: New Vegas? Obsidian’s Senior Producer, Larry Liberty reveals the new arsenal for your killing pleasure.

Firstly Liberty explains that he really likes the Ballistic Fist, saying that “it’s essentially a tiny shotgun grafted onto a gauntlet” which is activated by a pressure plate when impacting a target. The Ballistic Fist is perfect for situations where you may be unarmed.

Euclid’s C-Finder is the single coolest weapon effect in the game” says Liberty. It is a “space-based mega-weapon” that has its own quest line.

Spears will be available for Melee fighters, and Obsidian added the ability to throw weapons, so you can throw the spear and “literally pin limbs to walls, with or without the victim”…  cool.

Obsidian also included a traditional, conventional FPS weapon, a Light Machine Gun which features a high rate of fire, and with the right ammo type can handle most enemies rather easily.

It sounds like more than enough new weaponary to set Fallout: New Vegas as an all together new Fallout experience.

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