The ‘core’ gamer has traditionally not taken to the games found on Facebook that have attracted the casual gamer by the millions. Facebook believe we could see this trend broken; and new deeper console-style, free-to-play experiences could haul in the core gamer.

Facebook’s games product manager Matt Wyndowe told GamesIndustryBiz in a recent interview that he thinks this is going to be a “massive trend we’re going to see this year.”

Wyndowe spoke of a new RPG from Kixeye that could attract the likes of Diablo and WoW players. Kixeye is supposedly one of the companies that has been able to take its vast resources and create immersive high quality experiences and are now taking advantage of the new capabilities with Facebook.

“That trend of taking games and game categories that have not traditionally been on Facebook and putting them there is going to be huge this year,” he said.

“If you look at huge franchises that are built like World of Warcraft, Diablo, and those types of games, all of those people are on Facebook and want to engage with their friends in these kinds of things. Kixeye has figured out a perfect intersection where they’re focused on high quality experiences.”

Wyndowe notes that MMO games are social to begin with and therefore could have interesting prospects when combined with the social graph that Facebook has.