Fable III Announcement Is Going To “Piss Us Off”


In an interview with Gamereactor, Lionhead’s Peter Molyneux said that we can expect more details on Fable III at this week’s X10 event in San Francisco. Now what’s interesting or disturbing is that he warned that people are going to be “super pissed off”.

He told Gamereactor, “We’re making some announcements about Fable III and there’s some… Wow, there’s some very, very big things happening in Fable. Bigger than you think. And it’s going to really upset people.” He continued to say, “I’m really scared when I go out and tell people what it is they’re going to get super pissed off, they really are. But it’s the right thing to do man, I’m sure it’s the right thing to do.”

I am totally clueless on what this could be but I will keep a close eye on this story.
Any ideas on what this could be about?

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