Fable III Announced

Fable III has been announced at GamesCom this morning.

Fable III will see you play as the son or daughter of your Fable II hero, five decades after that game draws to a close. Fable III sees you start a revolution to become the hero of Albion, an idea that was “inspired by people like Joan of Arc and other figures from history, this idea that you are going to lead a revolution.”

“We’ve spent a lot of time at Lionhead thinking about how we can innovate the gameplay and progress the world of the ‘Fable’ games for its third chapter, and we’re confident that players won’t second-guess what we have planned for ‘Fable III,'” said Molyneux. “Though I can’t give too much away right now, players should expect to have to make much tougher choices with far wider consequences than ever before in Albion – and with many more interactive adventure elements.”

Fable III will be available “2010 holiday season”.

It was also announced that Fable II would be ‘re-released’ as a downloadable game on Marketplace, split up into five chapters. The first chapter will be made available as a free download on September 29th while all current DLC will be compatible with the downloadable version of Fable II.


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