Fable creator credits success to baked beans

Peter Molyneux, the outspoken creator of Fable credits much of his 22-year career to a happy accident involving baked beans. Microsoft reveal that shortly after he graduated from university, and already having tried his hand at game design and business without much success, he was searching for a way to make ends meet. His father of his then-girlfriend suggested he start a company that exported baked beans to the Middle East which he went with.

Molyneux discovered the region didn’t have much of an appetite for baked beans  “It was a very hand-to-mouth existence,” he said. “I was eating more baked beans than I was actually selling.”

Bizarelly and by mistake, Commodore, creator of the popular Commodore 64 confused his bean business named ‘Taurus’, with a software company called ‘Torus’. Commodore then called Molyneux up and invited him to their head office and told him how eager they were to work with his company.

Molyneux played along and told the then gaming giant firm, that he was looking forward to their partnership and reportedly ran out of the building before anyone realized the mistake.

Commodore sent Molyneux several of its brand new Amiga machines the next week and Molyneux ‘winged’ his way through the database program that Commodore was expecting.

Molyneux went on to use his new machines to start designing video games in earnest.

The misunderstanding ultimately was reportedly cleared up, and the only fallout was Molyneux’s vow to never again touch baked beans.