This review is an unedited version of the review written by Zombie Dredd and published in the Tech Magazine: Issue 63 November 2018.

As with every F1 racing game by Codemasters over the last few years, F1 2018 can lay claim to being the best version of the game to date. However, unlike previous years, it’s not thanks to any major change or feature, but more due to plenty of fine-tuning under the hood.

What you have with F1 2018 is a racing game that takes itself pretty seriously but can still feel accessible (thanks to a variety of difficulty settings) to the more casual racer. However, to succeed in races you will need patience and have a good track knowledge.

Importantly, the game feels great with the cars handling brilliantly even on controller. Of course, it really comes into its own with a racing wheel, and F1 2018 may just be the game to convince you to make the investment if you’ve been sitting on the fence about that sort of purchase.

There are plenty of game modes available to players which will ensure replayability, but you will most likely be a fan of the Grand Prix or Career mode, which puts you in the seat of your favourite licenced vehicle competing across a full season on all the official tracks. On the agenda will be multiple practice sessions, qualifying and the race itself – all adjustable in terms of difficulty and length.

Racing is not the only concern you will have in these modes. You will need to manage your vehicle and tyre wear, consider pit stop strategies and manually manage your vehicle’s energy recovery system. These exercises can begin to feel repetitive but they can be as equally rewarding when you get them right. Development Points are earned during these and they can be spent on – you guessed it – developing your car.

The game looks and sounds great in-game, but get to the cutscenes and it all looks a little like a game from the previous generation. This is emphasised in the return of the media interviews in career mode. The questions and the interview in general feel forced, and even with the option to choose your response (which affects team morale), you feel like you would rather have the option to skip it all together.

Because, the racing is where it is at after all, and that’s what the game excels at. It also brings all the cars and tracks from this year’s Formula One season, along with some historic Formula One cars.  Dynamic weather conditions can be turned on, or you could choose to just take a drive with the top down in the midday sun at death defying speeds. The game has plenty on offer with many of the settings being adjustable as the track is loading up.

F1 2018 is a game that brings all its pieces together in an immersive package. You may be wondering if you have to buy the game, and the truth is you don’t. Unless you missed last year’s iteration or are completely fixated on having the current Formula One rosters and liveries.

Score: 8/10
Available for: PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC
Distributed by: Apex Interactive