Exclusive console video gaming show and more now on PlayStation Home

Urgent Fury is invading PlayStation Home, and  Urgent Frequency TV, or UfreqTV, will air its inaugural Episode 1, beginning Thursday 2/17/2011.  Each subsequent episode will run in PlayStation Home’s Community Theater for 2 weeks.

Each episode will focus on a variety of topics, such as game reviews, PlayStation news, as well as exclusive interviews with individuals and companies in the gaming industry, community gamers, and teams competing in Urgent Fury’s different tournaments.

In Episode 1, you will learn the origins and focus of Urgent Fury, explore Zipper’s return to SOCOM 4, and finally after a few months on the market, UFreqTV gives another look at Electronic Arts Medal of Honor.

Join Jack “UK” Dellhouse, Wolfie-D and Commander Claymore Fury as Urgent Fury’s newest Videocast team takes Urgent Fury on a new journey into PlayStation Home.

Urgent Fury is an online console-gaming community who has built its impeccable reputation by providing unique, intuitive, and exciting scenario-based TacMap style tournaments.  Urgent Fury also has opened the Urgent Fury Gaming League (UFGL) where new and veteran teams will be able to compete against each other on a variety of games.  Giving new teams to Urgent Fury a chance to catch a glimpse at the type of gamesmanship that is expected of its members before joining a TacMap event.