Ex-LucasArts president: “Interactive gaming is at exciting crossroads”

New studio – Famous Games – has been founded by Jack Sorensen, who is none other than the ex-LucasArts president.

Famous Games has signed a publishing deal with Autumn Games which will see Autumn Games publish an undisclosed number of Famous’ games, one of which is said to already in development.

Sorensen says interactive gaming is at “exciting crossroads, despite some of the mournful press out there about our industry’s future,” and that Famous are “excited about the platform transitions and disruptions in traditional distribution happening in gaming. Autumn shares our vision for the type of experiences that will succeed in this new climate, and our partnership is an integral aspect of my new venture.”

Autumn’s president and COO, Jason Donnell added “Interactive entertainment is evolving quickly. Jack’s vision for the future of entertainment, combined with his exceptional track record in game development, makes him and his team an ideal partner for Autumn.”

Jack Sorenson was also the executive VP of Worldwide Studios for THQ.