Well, it’s all downhill (in terms of pace) towards the end of the year now, and while events may appear to slowing down, it seems most likely that organisers are slowly packing up their lot which may be a direct result of dwindling support. Yes, a number of this year’s events have seen lower numbers than previously and it’s been noticeable to us that event numbers are declining, so you know what you need to do then.

Weekend One (1 to 3 August)

The first weekend of every month always appears to be the most jam-packed. There’s four events to kicking things off this month, however, the one is very poorly detailed.

“The ultimate experimental games party slash exhibition” called Super Friendship Arcade: Alpha starts things off on Friday at 7pm at The Pit in Cape Town. If none of that makes any sense to you, head to the event page and find out more.

Game Edge_2014_01On Saturday is Game Edge‘s ‘launch’ event for their third national FIFA tournament. The main tournament (on 27 September) will have a Mini Cooper valued at R250,000 up for grabs. In the meanwhile, head to the Primi Piatti Waterfront in Bloemfontein from early morning (we guess) and battle for the free entry spots up for grabs. Event page can be found here.

If you’re in Gauteng, Good Game Cafe is hosting a LAN Party from Saturday at 5:05pm until 5:05am on Sunday morning. A seat will cost you R150 and a variety of games will be on offer. Details can be found here.

The (under detailed) MSSA StarCraft II Online school championships is scheduled for Saturday. And that’s about all we can tell you. Maybe keeping an eye on the event page may result in more before the weekend. **UPDATE** More details have emerged, but it seems registration has already closed. Head here for more.

Weekend Two (8 to 10 August)

Nothing to see here this weekend… move along.

Weekend Three (15 to 17 August)

Crown the King – the FIFA 14 tournament organisers in Mahikeng – have hinted that 15 August is the date for their next tournament. This (along with venue) is still to be confirmed.

Another StarCraft II online event from the MSSA is scheduled for August. This time, we assume it’s a ‘seniors’ event, but you know… details… Event page is available here.

Weekend Four (22 to 24 August)

The weekend sees the culmination of the MWEB GameZone Masters Series online qualifiers which actually kick off on Monday 18 August. Expect live streaming of selected matches throughout.

Saturday and Sunday are set aside for the MSSA Western Cape Provincial Championships. Take it from us, the likelihood of this actually happening is very slim. Hit up the event page for up-to-the-minute updates.

Games On is hosting a FIFA 14 tournament at their venue in Rondebosch on Saturday 23 August. Be there from 2pm to see – and contribute to – an alternative set of results to the recent FIFA World Cup. Details can be found here.

Maingaming ESWC_01MainGaming have made their return and have done so with the South African qualifier for ESWC. The FIFA 14 qualifier will be held at Norwood Mall in Gauteng and kicks off at 9am [Sunday 24 August. – Undead Ed]. Up for grabs is an all expenses trip to play in Paris against some of the world’s best players. More details can be found here.

Weekend Five (29 to 31 August)

May we start with a little self-promotion? Tough. We’re in charge here… On Saturday 30 August, we kick off our new T-Fest event. The event is a monthly themed gaming and market day which aims to encourage the social interaction that was prevalent a few years back in the Cape Town gaming scene. Details to follow, but keep the day open, as entry is free and will feature activities and prizes for all.

The weekend also features a social event for Gauteng. KIN CON will run over Saturday and Sunday at the Jabula Recreation Centre and will feature cosplay, games and stalls.

Games On are planning a Dota 2 event for Saturday 30 August. Details are still to be confirmed, but head over to the event page and stay informed.

Repeat events throughout August…

There are a few events which just keep on keeping on – sometimes weekly, sometimes daily. These are them.

Cape Town Showdown play host to the virtual fighters in their equivalent of the fight club every Saturday from 11am. The beatdowns happen at GamerNET House on 45 Salisbury Street, Boston, CT. Details can be found here.

The SA Forza 4 Drift Community will be hosting events this month as part of their World Drift Championship Series. We’d suggest heading over to their Facebook Page to keep in the loop.

The Cape Town zombie will be hosting a casual gaming night every Wednesday night from 7:00pm at Trenchtown in Observatory, CT. For more details as they break, keep your eyes here, there and on our social media.

Cape Town is also lucky enough to have a number of eSports Lounges operating now. There’s always something happening at one of them, so keep up to date by visiting their Facebook Pages: Games OnBracciano’s and PS3 & PS4 Gaming Lounge.

In Johannesburg, Good Game Cafe and The H.I.V.E. are your spots to enjoy some face to face gaming time.

Please note, if we have missed an upcoming event, it might be because we didn’t know about it. As much as we pretend to be know-it-alls, we’re not actually, and need your help in keeping up to date with all the happenings around this place we all call home. You can also keep up with everything happening by visiting our new Calendar. We will update both the calendar and this article if new events are announced for the month.