EU fund a “European Parliament” rpg

This parliament is excited about Citzalia

As one does, while visiting the Wall Street Journal, trying to look like the well rounded adult I am supposed to be – I stumble upon the most bizarre bit of gaming news I have reported on.

Acting on behalf of  the European Parliament’s Directorate-General for Communication, the European Service Network is developing an online role-playing game which it hopes to capture “the essence of European Parliament.” The ESN even has a budget of 275,000 Euros from EU to fund the project.

The political rpg dubbed Citzalia, will have users create an avatar and then navigate their way around a virtual Parliament, creating content and involving themselves in “virtual law-making.” In Citzalia you can be a Member of the European Parliament, a journalist, a student or any role you want to create.

I am sure European citizens will be thrilled to hear that this is where part of their hard earned tax money has gone to. Thrilled.