eSports continues to grow at a rapid rate and viewers are tuning in to watch it all unfold.

MCV cite reserach group SuperData, who has released a new brief on eSports claiming that over 70m individuals tuned in worldwide to watch eSports.

To demonstrate the rate of growth, SuperData reports that worldwide viewership has doubled in the last year.

“eSports are a rapidly growing industry with viewership increasing almost eight-fold in the last four years, according to our estimates and those of our pals Newzoo,” the research group wrote.

“This global surge is particularly fueled by the ongoing explosive uptake in Western markets.”

“We estimate the total viewership of eSports to have surpassed 70 million in 2013, doubling year-over-year. Almost half of those viewers, 31.4 million, come from the United States where males account for 70% of frequent viewers and participants.”

The report also claims that the prize pools have significantly also increased from year to year, with a total of $25m worth of prize pools being won last year.

Valve’s The International 2013 tournament led the way for a single event, offering a $2.87m prize pool.

With services like Twitch, YouTube and MLG TV, it’s never been easier to watch live competitions.