ESPN reportedly in advanced talks with MLG to expand eSports coverage

Yeah, but can he bend it like Bekham

Yeah, but can he bend it like Bekham

If you were still in doubt of how eSports is growing – this should convince you.

The sports broadcasting giant, ESPN, covered Valve’s mega Dota 2 tournament – The International – on the cable sports network earlier this month. The Daily Dot [via MCV] report that ESPN is now looking to expand its eSports coverage.

Apparently a source “close to ESPN” has since told The Daily Dot that the network was “delighted” with The International’s ratings, and that the event surpassed expectations across the board. What’s more is that ESPN’s coverage had the most viewers via Microsoft’s Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles. As you know, Dota 2 is a PC exclusive, so just imagine the numbers had it been a Call of Duty or Halo event!

The source claims ESPN and Major League Gaming are currently in “advanced talks” to expand ESPN’s eSports coverage to include MLG’s Call of Duty competitions.

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