ESEA (E-Sports Entertainment Association) has announced its expansion into South Africa, with local Counter-Strike teams now able to participate in Season 22 of the league and stand a chance to take part in the $50,000 international ESEA Global Challenge LAN event.

Registrations for Season 22 are already open but close on 24 May, so create an account and get going.

Up for grabs in the season is over $125,000 and slots at the LAN final. The top placed South African team will head (all expenses paid) to the LAN event to face teams from all over the world.

Qualifying Regions (Season 22):

  • North America – 2 Teams (Top 2 Premier teams)
  • Europe – 2 Teams (Top 2 Premier teams)
  • Brazil – 1 Team (Regional Winner)
  • Australia – 1 Team (Regional Winner)
  • Asia – 1 Team (Regional Winner)
  • South Africa– 1 Team


It is no secret that over the last several years, ESEA has been expanding its reach around the globe. Bringing ESEA to users from outside of North America and Europe is vital to the growth, and in turn, the success of competitive Counter-Strike, and esports. Over the last two years alone, we have expanded our global infrastructure to new reaches such as South East Asia, Australia, Eastern Europe & Middle East, and some new North America locations.

Throughout the last couple of months, we have been working hard to expand ESEA to another region of the world, once neglected by the competitive esports scene. Today, we are pleased to introduce ESEA’s newest global expansion to South Africa! As its own region, users in South Africa will be able to register and play in the upcoming ESEA League Season 22. The highest placing team from Season 22 will earn a spot at the ESEA Global Challenge, a $50,000 international LAN event.

ESEA would also like to introduce South Africa’s new community manager, Robby “bLacKpoisoN” da Loca. bLacKpoisoN has been a longtime member of the South African community and we’re happy to work with him in our launch. He is looking forward to being apart of the ESEA Team:

“This is a very special moment for the South African community as we are excited to see the involvement of a very reputable organization. With ESEA coming to South Africa, we will be a step closer to the international stage,” said da Loca, “The infrastructure in South Africa has greatly improved over the last few years and I feel that now would be the perfect time to step into the South African scene.”

Brett Sheffield, Product Manager of ESEA added, “South Africa has long been hungry for Counter-Strike, and even saw some success in the early days of CS:GO. Since then, the community has continued to grow but hasn’t been given the proper resources to make a true impact. With this launch, and the inclusion of South Africa in our Global Challenge LAN, we are excited to see what the region can accomplish with proper support.”

As with all new locations, we will continue to adjust and make changes in South Africa, as we receive more feedback from users. Please update us below with any feedback you have or open a game server performance ticket for technical support.

Please join us in giving South Africa a warm welcome to the ESEA community!

For more information on Season 22 of ESEA, head here.

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