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December 2018: If you plan to start gaming, but have no idea which equipment to get first, then this one’s for you – a must-have starter kit for an up and coming gamer. With the holiday season on the horizon, these options could make the perfect gift too.

“It’s an exciting industry, and the equipment plays an integral part in a gamer’s development, so getting it right first time is an absolute must,” says product specialist Sean Nicol.

Entry level vs advanced:

Nicol says there’s no need to spend all your money on the most expensive brands in the market. There are high quality products out there that get the job done in the same amount of time as their more expensive counterparts. Gamers just need to shop smart.

“Often advanced and established brands are way more expensive. It makes sense that if you’re only getting started to opt for entry level equipment. They’re by no means sub-standard. In fact, Redragon is the perfect brand to grow all the way to pro level without requiring you to throw thousands into your setup,” he says.

Redragon is often mistakenly seen as an entry level brand due to its aggressively low pricing. The reason the brand can be so competitive on pricing? “It’s because the brand is completely vertically integrated and responsible for manufacturing its own products rather than outsourcing production, not due to inferior quality,” says Nicol. “Redragon is firmly entrenched between the mid to top tier brands locally. They’re must-have products for anyone getting into gaming.” 


  • The mouse:
  • Redragon Centrophorus – superb value for money
  • Redragon Dagger – allows for fast mouse tracking and enables many clicks per second
  • Redragon Phoenix – long body and back with extended sloping key, high DPI and can be customised to your preferences. 

Tip when shopping for a mouse: Establish and understand what your grip is before you make a decision around the type of mouse that works well for your individual style of play.

  • The keyboard:
  • Redragon Asura – membrane keyboard, features excellent lighting and raised keys
  • Redragon Devarajas – mechanical keyboard, allows for long-term customisation and will outlast almost all your other hardware.

“For inexperienced gamers a normal keyboard would be the obvious choice, it has all you need and works perfectly. For the more advanced folk, the mechanical keyboard should be the go-to,” he says.

  • The headset:
  • Redragon Garuda – provides the best value for money, boasts a USB input, soft headband, comfortable cup sides and a range of other features, it’s also perfect for console gamers.
  • Redragon Siren 2 – slightly more expensive than Garuda, allows for elevation in sound, and isolates background noise.
  • Controllers:

The right controller is essential to enhance your gaming experience. Make sure your controller includes:

  • Good grip
  • Rubber coating
  • Back Lit keys/buttons

“It’s easy to get swept up by bells and whistles when starting off, but as a general rule all the aesthetic flair just adds to the cost of the product. Invest into performance over appeal if you’re forced to choose,” he says.

Hacks/tips to stretch your gaming equipment budget

  • Try to avoid the RGB bug as it can amount to unnecessary spend
  • Go big on things like the motherboard or CPU
  • Identify what you can upgrade down the line and build PC over time rather than getting everything in one go

Getting hold of this gamer’s must-have kit is simple; Nicol says these products are available from leading retailers in the country.

Product Description Recommended Retail Price
Redragon Centrophorus 3200dpi Gaming Mouse R 299,00


Redragon Asura Gaming Keyboard R 669,00
Redragon Devarajas Mechanical RGB Gaming Keyboard R 1 769,00
Redragon Siren 2 USB Gaming Headset R 749,00
Crucial MX500 250GB 2.5 SSD R 999,00
Antec P7 Green Led Window (GPU 390MM) ATX|MICRO ATX| MINI ITX Gaming Chassis Black


R 875,00
Ballistix Tactical 4GB DDR4 3000MHZ Desktop Gaming Memory R 959,00
Antec High Current Gamer 650W Gold Modular PSU R 1 785,00
Sparkfox Wireless Controller R 799,00
Redragon Jupiter Bluetooth Controller with Mic/Headset Port



R 1 195,00