Enslaved: If we like it, there’ll be a sequel

So there will be a sequel.

Ninja Theory, Enslaved developers, have also announced the new Devil May Cry. With Enslaved on the brink of going on sale, one can deduce that the team have only DLC for Enslaved and DMC to work on.

Ninja Theory’s co-founder, Tameem Antoniades has revealed that the they have been growing their team in the past year to be able to work on two games simultaneously. He also explained that the studio has not ‘specifically’ prepared for a sequel but they do have the capacity to cater for it.

Antoniades said that they would release the game, and “see how it does.” He continued to say, “If it does okay, if it actually looks like it’s got legs, we’ll start thinking about what’s next. The thinking from the beginning was not to assume there would be a sequel, just to put everything into this game. We mentally prepared for that – we’ve not planned for a sequel. But if it gains some traction, I’d like to see something happen.”

Judging for quite a few reviews that have been released, it would be fair to say that we should see a sequel. Based on fifteen critic reviews on Metacritic, Enslaved is sitting at a solid 81 score, which is a very decent score should it stay there. The highest critic score being 90 and the lowest being 60 as it stands now. What should be noted is that at the moment only two reviews have scored it under eighty, so it does look like it is the minority that are not totally happy with it. It also have quite a few scores in the 90’s.

Surely more critic reviews will be posted, but as it stands things are looking good.