Energy eSports has announced another expansion of the MGO by acquiring an “all women team” for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

The team will be led by Julia ‘eN.Bish’ Robson with Danielle ‘eN.TrueF!re’ Pienaar, Carmen ‘eN.Cjay’ Mcleod, Jana ‘eN.SaltyMonkey’ du Toit and Christin ‘eN.Christin’ Meistre making up the rest of the team.

Bish had the following to say about the acquisition: “Our team was formed to showcase the best female gamers in South Africa. We created the team after noticing a lack in professional female players in the local scene. We would like to highlight the talent that South Africa has and in collaboration with Energy eSports, we believe that we can achieve just that.

“We are very proud to be in Energy eSports as we believe that they will provide us the platform to show the scene what girls in gaming are all about!”

The announcement goes on to say:

All-female teams are not new during this day and age of the world of eSports but this is a first for Energy eSports. Just like their male counter parts, these young women aspire to not just compete locally but have dreams and aspirations to also make it globally. Some of the ladies have already represented other gaming organisations and teams and we are excited to have signed a team who desires, as we do, to compete and win at the highest levels of competitive play.

The eN management is delighted to announce the first all-female team in Energy eSports’ proud 5-year history and that we’ll have a detailed article up on our website next week.

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