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In which we go looking for all the coverage from the 2016 version of the Electronics & Gaming Expo and link it for you right here. Keep checking back, as we will be updating the content as we find more. In fact, if we’ve missed something, feel free to let us know.




If you want to watch any of the VoDs from the weekend’s action that formed part of the EGE TV live stream, you can find them here.

More girls, more social and more cool – EGE has hit Cape Town
by Eyewitness News

Electronic Gaming Expo 2016
by IOL

EGE 2016
by Gawie van Blerk

EGE: Meido Legends (Cosplay Music Video)
by Cos We Play

Gamer’s Quest – EGE 2016 – VRcade HTC Vive
by Quest Acquired

EGE 2016
by IR!SH

VLOG: EGE CoD Championships 2016
by Drewski

by iitsBluRz _

by Shan Biebzzz

Electronics and Gaming Expo(EGE) 2016 Vlog
by Dr Peanuts52

Electronic & Gaming Expo 2016
by Project IS

EGE 2016 – My Awkward Fan Girl Moment
by Megan Chloe

To end, the zombies would again like to thank all the awesome people that helped make EGE 2016 possible.

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