We’re a little late admittedly but heck, forgive us as we’re only a handful of zombies trying to do the job of many more humans.

The weekend of the Electronics & Gaming Expo threw up a number of winners, and we felt it was only right to acknowledge them somehow. Our congratulations to the winners, and our thanks to all the participants that supported us over the weekend. We hope to see you all back again in 2016.


Photo by Neal Strydom

Corsair CS: GO Championship

  • First: Bravado Gaming
  • Second: Energy eSports
  • Third: iFG.dfeKt

Ten teams entered the tournament.

You can view the match videos from the tournament on the Orena YouTube channel.



Photo by Neal Strydom

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare (Xbox One)

  • First: Astra Infinite
  • Second: GW Ventus
  • Third: Exempt Gaming
  • Fourth: eN_F34R

12 teams entered the tournament.



Photo by Neal Strydom

FIFA 15 Tournament

  • First: Mubeen Gaffoor
  • Second: Chad Smith
  • Third: Jayson Morgan
  • Fourth: Danyaal Cloete

108 players entered the tournament.



MKX Winners
Photo by Odd Customs

Mortal Kombat X Tournament

  • First: Sameegh Jardine
  • Second: Lindsay (LB)
  • Third: :[

59 players entered the tournament.



Project Cars_Winner
Photo by Zombiegamer

Project Cars

Project Cars rewarded three fastest lap winners and a random draw winner.

Morne Swanepoel walked away with an Xbox One console after being randomly drawn out of 612 entries, while the following topped the lap times at the end of each day of the expo:

  • Friday: Luke Addison – 52.864
  • Saturday: Armoy Olivier – 54.500
  • Sunday: Rameer Kasiram – 52.730


Thank You

Finally, we would like to give a few people who were the real winners in our eyes due to their weekend of sacrifice. There was Dylan Rosser who – until we get a zombiefied name for him will be called ‘Awesome Zombie’ – went beyond and above the call of duty. Yeah, that was really clever we know.

The eHaven, ZG, Clan Connection and Orena crews.
The eHaven, ZG, Clan Connection and Orena crews.

Luca and Chris from Orena were utter champs in looking after the Corsair CS: GO Championship, and Justin and Denys (from eHaven) were the ultimate ghosts in the machine when it came to running the PC and network infrastructure.

Clan Connection‘s HoldenZA was cool, calm and collected all weekend, while the core group of shoutcasters – KyleKai, ChutneyBoi and CS 1977 – were on top form all weekend. A shoutout to the guest casters who joined in too over the weekend.

A thanks to Neal Strydom from Odd Customs and Richard Scott for helping with photographs over the weekend.

A massive thanks and all amounts of appreciation to the volunteers that worked until we took them off their chains. Without your help, we would not have managed – so thank you all.

Of course, there were also many sponsors involved in the event that helped make the tournaments a success, and we would like to thank them all for their assistance with our endeavours at EGE 2015:

For more of our EGE coverage, head here.

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