So phew, the Electronics & Gaming Expo actually did happen, and has meant a number of skeptics were – in general – proved wrong. The coverage and feedback received so far has generally been positive and supportive, with many willing it to come back annually, and it seems that the wish for a bigger and better event in 2016 will indeed be a reality.

As many of you know, we had a hand in making part of the expo a reality, but it was more than just us – we worked with a group of dedicated organisations (in Orena, Ehaven, Clan Connection and TGN Racing Simulators), sponsors and volunteers to ensure the event was a success.

Rather than go on about the event (again), we’ll direct you to where Zombie Dredd wrote all about EGE on the MWEB GameZone site, and use this opportunity to thank all those that played a part in helping us make the #EGELAN at EGE 2015 a success. Thank you.

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Over the next few days, we will be running a few additional wrap up articles that will focus on the results from the tournaments, as well as the other winners that have been eagerly waiting to find out who won what. So please check back daily.

Our photos, taken by Neal Strydom of Odd Customs and Richard ‘Coldcat’ Scott can be found here:


Coverage From Elsewhere

We’ve been watching the various platforms out there to see what everyone has said and seen, and below you can find links to the pretty impressive coverage the media and community has offered. We may have missed something, so if we have, drop us a message and we will add it to our list. We will also keep updating the list as we find more articles, photos or videos on the worldwide web.




Orena has uploaded all the videos of the matches they streamed via their Twitch channel for the Corsair CS: GO Championship. You can find them here.

Cosplay | EGE 2015 Cape Town
by Grant Hinds

EGE 2015 | Electronic’s & Gaming Expo 2015
by Sin Sashikins

Gamer’s Quest – EGE – Joust & Oculus Rift
by Quest Acquired

More videos…
by Quest Acquired

Dampi Goes To – EGE Electronic and Gaming Expo 2015 – Cape Town
by xTrapol8or

by Mike Kawitzky

Montage | EGE 2015 Cape Town
by TheRedTieGuy

Hectic Tech: Grant Hinds at the Cape Town Gaming Expo
by hectic99tube

Various videos…
by DBK Productions

EGE 2015 Highlights
by Techladon

EGE Cape Town 2015
by Techno Jedis

Electronics and Gaming Expo (EGE) Cape Town 29-31 May 2015
by Last Born Pictures

Cosplay, electronics and epic gaming showdowns at EGE expo
by Independent Online

Enthusiasm for gaming growing in South Africa
by CCTV Africa

Electronics and Gaming Expo Special
by ArrowHogGaming

Oculus VR Demo – Ege 2015 Cape Town
by Chanelle Tovar

EGE Capetown 2015
by Rozier van Blerk

The eHaven, ZG, Clan Connection and Orena crews.
The eHaven, ZG, Clan Connection and Orena crews.