eGames – The Olympics of eSport Announced


eSports is heading to Rio de Janeiro this year in the form of an Olympic-style tournament aimed at competitive gaming.

The event is being organised by a British non-profit organisation (supported by the British government) with the help of the International Olympic Committee, and if that didn’t feel official enough, the plan for eGames is to host the event at the Olympic arenas a month after the athletes have been and gone.

However, while the eGames will see teams battling for the pride of their nation, it seems that currently the gold, silver and bronze medals are the only items up for grabs, and while that may irk some players used to big prize pools, it is a calculated move the International eGames Committee (IEGC) who are operating the event.

The first event will feature teams from the UK, US, Brazil and Canada, but apparently “every country will have an opportunity to enter a team for the games.”

eGames will not be an annual event, but will occur every two years during the winter and summer Olympic years. During non-Olympic years, countries will host qualifiers to determine their participants for the upcoming eGames. Each country’s national squad – called an eTeam by the organisers – will be made up of both male and female gamers over the age of 18.

All this looks a lot like somehow, somewhere, Team South Africa will be a reality too. And yes, I’m aware of the existence of said team, but maybe this will be the event to shake things up locally.

More details about titles and qualifying processes are to be confirmed still, but it seems that 2016 is indeed the year eSports either becomes mainstream or the mainstream becomes bored of hearing about it.

You can find the official website for eGames here, or read more about the event in coverage here and here.


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