If you were hoping Bound by Flame was going to be the next big RPG, you might want to read some reviews before diving in.

The reviews have trickled in on Metacritic, and so far, all but one critic posted a worthy score. GameInformer posted a score of 80/100, which is quite a substantially more complimentary than the rest.

The PC version is currently sitting on 52/100; the PS4 version has only received 2 scores thus far, a 70/100 and a 50/100 and the PS3 version has not received any reviews scores as yet.

The worst score of 20/100 was posted by Videogamer who’s summary read, “Bound By Flame is an embarrassment on all fronts.”

In contrast though, GameInformer’s summary was much more positive saying:

“When you invest the time to master the challenging combat and explore the world, Bound by Flame is a solid romp with rewarding tactical action supported by rewarding boss battles and plenty of ways to see your choices reflected in the world around you.”

So we’re not sure about this one. We had high hopes, but maybe it would be best to wait till more reviews are in. Brand new, great RPG’s are a rare breed nowadays.