EA to get unlimited use of Unity Technologies tech

Electronic Arts and Unity Technologies have reportedly announced a multi-platform partnership which grants EA unlimited use of Unity Technologies’ engine to any and every EA studio or developer. Unity have previously provided the tech for in-browser 3D golf title Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online.

The new license will last between three and six years, and will give EA access to Unity’s entire technical remit including browsers, iOS, PC, Mac, Android and the current consoles. EA has stated that it has several projects on the go which will make use of the new tech acquisition and their intention is to use the increasingly prevalent middleware on ‘multiple franchises and genre.’

VP chief creative director, Electronic Arts, Richard Hilleman says EA  spent many years looking at development assets of all kinds and “Unity represents one of the deepest commitments we have ever made. It lets us produce products to our quality expectations, while freeing our creative contributors to explore new ideas, without breaking the bank.” He explained that Unity’s unparalleled platform support ensures that when they will have something they want to “share with our players, we can reach them quickly on the platforms they have. We look forward to continuing collaboration with our friends at Unity Technologies on future innovations and the new experiences we will create for our players.”

Unity boss David Helgason says Unity is excited about and proud of their long term relationship with Electronic Arts, and that “Unity’s ability to straddle from the highest-end productions to the littlest development teams is something we’re immensely proud of.”

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