EA Show what they can do with a huge budget

by Victor ‘r0gue’ Vieira

EA Games president, Frank Gibeau provided insight into upcoming EA titles at Gamescom which is now on in Cologne. Upcoming highlights included Fifa 10, Mass Effect 2, Need for Speed Shift and Brutal Legends. “We started marketing games early and unveiled them at E3; at Games Com we get the chance to get vital feedback from our customers” reported Mr.Gibeau.

Fifa 10 got most of the attention first, which is to be expected. EA promised improved defending, 360 dribbling, customizable set pieces and a whole lot of downloadable content for their new football game with a new gaming-engine to run it all. EA gamers will have noticed that dlc has become a big trend with EA games of late. There is loads more to add to your EA sports games via download.


Peter Moore, EA’s head of sports was not overly bullish about Fifa in the football game market, and mentioned that they are respectful of Konami’s PES. “They won’t let us sit back and gather the market without fighting back” he said.

Brutal Legend also drew in the crowds at GamesCom. With an awesome heavy-metal soundtrack, huge celeb voice-artists and ummm….different game-play, this title promises to be a ‘breathe of fresh air.’ Jack Black is the voice of the main character and some cameo appearances include Ozzy Osbourne.


EA owned Bioware also had two much anticipated titles on show including Dragon Age and Mass Effect 2. Dr.Ray Muzyka, Bioware’s chief, reported that players will be able to carry over characters from the original Mass Effect and that it will even affect the path of the game in Mass Effect 2. A nice edition to the the new title will be the voice of well known actor Seth Green. Dr.Muzyka also promises that it will be “a quantum leap in action combat.” As if he has to actively sell this title, following on the first installments success, I think this will be a run-away success the day it hits stores.


Well I am glad to see that EA don’t disappoint with their massive budget. They are definitely looking like they are ‘pulling all the stops’ with their titles.