EA “online pass” must be here to stay, as it brought home the bacon

Eric Brown, EA’s chief financial has claimed that the much disliked ‘online pass’ raked in $10 million in revenue. He says that the online system for used games and is vital to the publisher’s future. He explained to attendees of the Deutsche Bank Securities Inc. Technology Conference that EA think that used games in America contributes to 20 per cent of their overall business.

Brown explained that the $10 Online Pass could draw significant money from the used market which is gaining acceptance as he believes gamer’s realise that the publishers need to maintain the network.

Another shocking reveal was that EA earned $30 million off DLC from Fifa games which is more than what they made from the sales of the actual game.

With all this revenue being generated of after the disc is sold, is the second hand game market witch hunt really necessary? Are we really crippling developers and publishers by selling games we bought with our hard earned money?