EA was the last of the publishers to host a media conference at Gamescom and expectations were high for the new BioWare IP.

EA are “putting players first” apparently, and then proceeded to tease everyone by having no players actually play Dragon Age Inquisition. The game will feature “storytelling with vast exploration” and will take completionists around 150 hours to play. The game is BioWare’s “biggest, most ambitious” project and features options galore, including over 200 spells and abilities.

Titanfall was up next and Respawn will be bringing new (free) updates and a new map pack (called IMC Rising) later this year.

NHL 15 arrives on the PS4 and Xbox One (both for the first time) on 9 September in the US and 12 September in Europe. The game will feature a “new gen of hockey player”, as well as all the top leagues and teams, over 9000 crowd models and all new broadcast commentary. A demo for the game will also be available for the PS4 and Xbox One on 26 August.

EA then proceeded to say it wants “to immerse you in the world” you’re playing in. How that led into The Sims 4 is one for others to figure out. This zombie fell asleep, only to wake at the mention of the ability to customise a load of things, and to see a character die and another negotiate with the Grimreaper over it.

The Sims 4 ‘create-a-sim‘ demo is now available for everyone, and the character will carry over to the full game when it releases on 2 September.

FIFAworld – the free-to-play PC title – is getting a new engine, but the good news is that all your current items will carry over. The game’s beta saw 500,000 games a day played in over 180 countries and across nine languages.

EA Sports’ real FIFA franchise, FIFA 15, was up next. You will “feel the game” in the “most responsive FIFA ever”. New features include the Turkish Super Lig and completely rebuilt goalkeepers with all new reactions, saves and realism. The Barclays Premier League will be “just like the real thing” and will feature a new broadcast mode, stadiums and more.

In FIFA Ultimate Team, players can now access loan players, meaning you can test drive Messi and others that don’t appear in most normal people’s FUT packs. The Xbox exclusive FUT Legends will feature over 50 players, with many new legends being added for this iteration.

The “reinvented” Star Wars: The Old Republic was up next. The game has been altered over the last 18 months which was “inspired directly by player feedback”.

Dawngate is EA’s entry into the MOBA genre and looks pretty handy to be fair. Player choice is key in it, and the Alpha is now live in Europe.

Then, the moment many were waiting for. BioWare’s new IP. Shadow Realms is an online action RPG for PC and features 4 vs. 1 match-ups. Wait a second. Haven’t we heard that before? The game is set in a modern fantasy world where players hunt a ‘Shadow Lord’ in an episodic game. An Alpha is scheduled for September.

The show ended on a surprisingly high note, when Battlefield Hardline showed off its campaign mode. In singleplayer, expect classic cops vs. robbers (or criminals in general) in a non-linear TV series style complete with cliffhangers at the end of each episode. Replayability is promised, as well as the ability to go lethal or non-lethal. The main protagonists speaks which improves the immersion compared to many FPS games in recent times.

Two new multiplayer modes were also revealed. ‘Hotwire’ involves car chases and shooting from said cars, while ‘Rescue’ is an “eSports” mode not unlike the Rainbow Six Siege hostage rescue mode. Visceral is promising another beta before the game launches as well as “innovation, depth and stability” on launch. So not Battlefield 4 then…

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