EA Exec Says Bad Press Hurts Everybody and Helps Nobody

EA’s chief creative officer, Richard Hilleman has stated that he believes that negative coverage of any gaming company is bad for the industry as a whole.

Hilleman told VG247 [as cited by GamesIndustryBiz] that he does not like hearing of any gaming industry firm receiving bad press, and that he does not believe bad press aimed at a competitor benefits EA.

“There are folks at EA who think it’s a ‘they lose, I win’ type of thing. I think that’s not true. We are not a business that’s big enough yet where we can afford for people to make our business look bad,” explains Hilleman.

Hilleman says that he rather defend an industry studio under fire in the interest of the industry as a whole.

“I think misconceptions and mis-attributions in our business are just negative. They hurt everybody. They help nobody,” states the CCO.